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BBJ House 40 Abbot Road Lahore, Pakistan
Ph : +92-42-36317302
Fax : +92-42-36309443
Emai : info@bbj.com.pk
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BBJ is a reputed manufacturer of MS & GI pipes. The Industry is located at Industrial Estate Chunian on the main Lahore-Multan Highway with its Head Office at Lahore. The factory is equipped with the sate of art machinery in pipe production, having high frequency induction welding plants with duel capability for using either the induction or contact type of welding processes.

BBJ has the capability to produce pipes fully conforming to international standard e. g. BSS, API &  ASTM. BBJ is approved company in Pakistan having license of API 5L (USA), ISO 9001 – 2000.

BBJ Pipes are subjected to hydrostatic pressure test to check the weld strength. To maintain strict quality control, samples of the product are also regularly checked for tensile, flattening and bend tests according to prescribed standards. To ensure that quality pipes are being produced, we use on line Eddy Current and seam annealing to normalize weld seam according to APL 5L, to avoid  tempered marten site in the weld seam and in heat affected zone.

BBJ concentrates its attention on each stage of the manufacturing, galvanizing, finishing process, quality control and inspection to maintain standard of its product. Customer’s satisfaction is given priority above all we guarantee to replace at our cost if any defect in workmanship or material is found in our product.

BBJ Pipe industries (Pvt) Ltd is well known for quality pipe manufacturing. This has been achieved by keeping focus on “Customer Satisfaction”. All our commitment, and actions are signs of quality and are recognized as such. Hallmark of our “Quality Policy” is geared towards maintaining the confidence of our customers. As suppliers, we have to fulfill their demands and requirements. This entails full attention to correct technical procedures and professional orientation culminating in reasonably priced products based on accurately assessed customer need and on time delivery of error free quality product. We Proceed to achieve all this by maintaining youthful ambition injecting fresh innovative ideas frequently and enjoying our work in bright and cheerful atmosphere.

BBJ is committed to build Oil & Gas Industry in the world for better tomorrow. Our manufacturing range of Steel Line Pipe of API 5L, Specs is from ½” to 12” dia is also committed.


    Slitted strips are loaded on the uncoiler. Both ends of the strips are sheered and welded into a single endless pipe.


    Slitted strips are uncoiled to enter in hoop cage/looper for the continuous running of ERW mill through the forming rolls.


    Strips are formed into a cylindrically shape are rapidly heated with a high frequency ER Welder and then completely welded with a set of squeeze rolls.


    The edges of the cylindrically shaped strip are rapidly heated with a high frequency ER welder and then completely welded with a set of squeeze rolls.


    Our process of manufacturing pipe is such that no untempered martensite develops the welded seam . Heat treatment plant is installed on 2x pipelines.


    Before cutting off the welded pipe passes thorough the set of finished rollers to give it the desired accurate outside diameter.


    Eddy Current Flow Detection
    The weld Seam of welded pipe size 2-375 inch Dia and all  lagers sizes is non-destructively inspected for full length for total thickness with online welded Eddy Current flow deduction device before cutting off.


    Pipes are cut into required length by the cutter.


    The Pipe Ends are accurately faced / beveled and threaded by the end facing and threading machine.


    The pipe Lengths requiring straightening are passed through the straightening machine for straightening to the requirement of stranded API 5-L


    Galvanizing is done through a latest process called hot dip method on an automatic plant. Galvanizing extends the life of the pipe to a very great extent, thereby making it ideal to be used for various applications.

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