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Samson's Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. 250 CCA FF Phase IV DHA Lahore Pakistan.
Ph : +92(423) 598 2334-5
Fax : +92(423) 589 2250


Web www.samsonsgroupco.com


ITHFZ Mills Ltd.
250 CCA FF Phase IV DHA
Lahore Pakistan.
Ph : 92(423) 572 1458
Fax : +92(423) 589 2250


Web www.ithfz.com



Tobacco International FZC Warehouse No. 1K-03/4, P.O. Box: 41545 Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah,UAE
Ph : +97(6) 526 0067
Fax : +97(6) 526 0068


Web www.tobaccoint.com



The Samsonís Group of Companies is a group comprising of diversified businesses, companies, entities and concerns. The group is engaged in tobacco trading, cigarette manufacturing, marketing and exports, textiles, the foods industry and joint-venture partnerships with local and foreign counterparts. The controlling interest in all these businesses, companies and establishments lies with the Sami-Ur-Rehman family. The Samsonís Group of Companies is in business for decades. With our business ties and linkages all over the world, we have gained a world wide acceptance. As the diversity of our business demands, we have the most competent market experts in order to deliver the best services and products for our customer satisfaction. -


The vision of Samson's Group of Companies is to be a leading representative of customer satisfaction all over the world in every field, from Textiles to Foods, Tobacco and Education. The market is about catering to the needs of customers and we know well how to fulfill the customer requirements. We are keenly interested in exploring business/investment all over the world and especially in markets in our existing reach like Pakistan, the Middle East, Eastern European countries like Kosovo and Bulgaria, countries in West Africa like Guinea and Sierra Leone and South Africa and Zimbabwe.


The group has secured itself the 3rd slot among the best quality cigarette producers and marketing companies in Pakistan. This achievement is especially note-worthy in the light of the fact that the world's largest multi-national groups hold very strong control in the local market.

Samson's Foods is a snacks and confectionary manufacturing and marketing company whose brands have gained country-wide acceptance within a short span of time. The snacks and confectionary of our company is heart favorite among many segments of the population and there is an increasing demand of Samsons Foods products due to its unique taste and quality.

ITHFZ Textile is a state-of-the-art cotton yarn manufacturing facility. Its products are being exported to different notable markets in the world. The textile mills in Pakistan are producing international standard products thus making its way into the international market.

Samson's Group of Companies due to its roots in the Khyber Pakhtun Khwa province of Pakistan has deep sympathies for the people of that area and so is providing non-profit quality education to the children of those areas.
The International School of Education and the PAK American School & College with their branches in various parts of Mardan, are among the top most educational institutes of the area thus helping the people to have standard education systems for their children within their reach.


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