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LCCI chief for promotion of Green Technology

Growing energy demand in Pakistan and environment related challenges can be turn aside by Green Technologies which is being experienced successfully in various countries around the globe.

In a statement, the LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid said that developed countries are proactively pursuing and practicing strict environmental policies which have encouraged research & development in water purification, sanitation, sewage and wastewater treatment, waste management and waste-to-energy, production of bio-fuels, as well as generation of renewable energy from wind, biomass and solar power while situation in Pakistan is discouraging.  

While citing the example of Sweden, the LCCI president said that this is the first country in Europe which met the renewable energy targets, set by the European Union (EU) for 2020, well ahead of schedule. Renewable energy accounted for over 49 per cent of total energy used in Sweden. The EU target calls for renewable energy making up for 49 per cent of the total energy used in member countries in 2020, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 20 per cent and ensuring 10 per cent use of bio-fuels in total auto fuel consumption.

He said that Sweden’s successful experience and knowledge of implementing green technologies could be used by Pakistan to develop a sustainable civic and industrial infrastructure and realize rapid economic growth. There is a strong correlation between economic growth and reduction in waste, greenhouse gases, making optimum use of natural and human resources, and the production and conservation of energy to meet the environmental and human development challenges in a changing world.

Malik Tahir Javaid said that government should take immediate measures for promotion of Green Technology as the business community across Pakistan, is keen on acquiring economical and reliable alternative energy solutions to sustain their operations. He said that those countries should be approached and requested for technology sharing who have a wide range of green technologies for power generation, biogas and bio-fuels production, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and enhancing productivity and production in a sustainable and environment friendly manner. He said that Pakistan has a big consumer market with a young population and an ideal environment for adapting green technologies using local renewable fuels.

Malik Tahir Javaid said that a comprehensive energy plan should be prepared and implemented to maximize the use of renewable energy in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan trade partners in European Union can certainly play a major role in introducing, promoting and implementing environment friendly projects in Pakistan that are efficient, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase productivity.

He said there is an abundance of waste, biomass, slaughterhouse waste, sewage, sunlight throughout the year, good wind conditions and small and large-scale hydropower potential in Pakistan. By using green technologies, Pakistani governments and companies could overcome many development challenges including the growing energy demand and protecting the environment.

“Pakistan have all the necessary resources to generate more energy than it requires. Waste management and waste-to-energy, as well as production of biogas and bio-fuels can be a major industry providing clean renewable fuels as alternates for gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG). The agricultural diversity of Pakistan provides many natural resources and raw materials to set up high value added smart industries to produce innovative globally user friendly products. There is definitely a big economic opportunity here that we would like to see becoming a reality”, the LCCI chief concluded.

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