Daily Economic Briefs

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Pakistan's ranking in EODB Ranking 2018.01 Nov,2017 View Download
CPEC can give a boost to diminishing gems & jewelry industry.30 Oct,2017 View Download
FBR must act to increase revenue from direct taxes.25 Oct,2017 View Download
Textile Clothing Exports grew by 8 percent.24 Oct,2017 View Download
31 development projects worth PRs. 360 billion Approved.23 Oct,2017 View Download
China to start operating another bank in Pakistan 21 Sep,2017 View Download
Pakistan must focus on joint ventures to enhance textile exports19 Sep,2017 View Download
Pakistan must shift to indigenous energy resources 18 Sep,2017 View Download
Excessive wastage of hides and skins of sacrificial animals..29 Aug,2017 View Download
CPEC provides avenues to target $100 billion Chinese agri market..18 Aug,2017 View Download
Chinese firm to invest $1.5 billion in developing wind farms in Punjab..12 Aug,2017 View Download
Government is urged to reduce Cotton imports..11 Aug,2017 View Download
Petroleum sector of Pakistan attracts $10 billion of foreign investment..08 Aug,2017 View Download
Government announces fixed capital gains tax regime..06 Jun,2017 View Download
Analysis economic survey of pakistan..02 Jun,2017 View Download
Encouraging exports growth of services sector..24 May,2017 View Download
Government approves Public Sector Development Programme23 May,2017 View Download
Pakistan stock market attains MSCI emerging markets status..17 May,2017 View Download
Government finalizes its long term plan for CPEC..16 May,2017 View Download
Remittances fall by 2.8%..11 May,2017 View Download