LCCI Mediation Centre (News)

7 Banks Interested in LCCI Mediation Centre.

As many as seven leading banks in the country, including Al Baraka, Standard Chartered, Bank Al Habib, United Bank.


Mediation Centre set up in LCCI

First-ever and first of its kind in any Chambers of Commerce in the SAARC region, LCCI Mediation Centre,


LCCI Mediation Centre to help resolve disputes

The Convenor LCCI-IFC Mediation Centre Sohail Lashari on Friday urged the LCCI members to bring their disputes,


LCCI to resolve business disputes through mediation

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to promote mediation for resolving


Shahbaz greets LCCI for establishing Mediation Centre

Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday appreciated the Lahore Chamber


President's Message

Respect for human dignity and worth of each person who is involved with the Mediation Centre at the Lahore Chamber is our foremost purpose. “Principle should always prevail upon power”, is our motto. This means that people are treated with dignity, courtesy, thoughtfulness, consideration, tolerance and acceptance. LCCI mediation centre services are provided for all people regardless of age or socio economic status, race, color, gender, disability or religious beliefs. We believe in fostering and promoting commitment to valuing relationships and to using constructive and co-operative means of managing and resolving conflict in a safe environment.Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a body rendering indefatigable and unfaltering support to the flourishing of business activity in the country, moreover offers its services for auxiliary support to businessmen and traders.  The setting up of the Dispute Resolution Center within its premises is one out of the many modes of support which it puts forward for the ease of business community within and out of Pakistan. Lahore Chamber has set up LCCI Dispute Resolution Centre for business dispute resolution via mediation with the collaboration of International Finance Corporation (IFC). The fundamental purpose of this mediation centre is to help local and foreign companies to resolve their business/commercial discrepancies/differences out of court without getting involved in any litigation.

LCCI Dispute Resolution Centre being an internationally recognized body has on its panel more than two dozen CEDR (a UK based mediation company) trained mediators, thus imparting a confident message to local and foreign traders as a pledge of security in any precarious situation. Pakistan’s legal system is over burdened with many cases already hanging around for decision; therefore taking these disputes to courts will only increase the predicament of longer wait time for the decision seekers. Consequently, LCCI Dispute Resolution Centre is the most uncomplicated elucidation for handling all the conundrums of disputes amongst the business community.Keeping in view the concept, “time is money” we proffer the mediation services to our business community for a judicial, discreet and unobtrusive settlement of their disputes. Rather than coercing and compelling either group to knock the doors of the courts that are already engulfed with unsettled disputes, we believe in a dispassionate settlement between two parties which results in neither disparagement nor vilification of either one.

History Of LCCI

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established by the businessmen and industrialists of Northern India in 1923 under the name of "Northern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry". In 1947 on creation of "The Islamic Repulic of Pakistan", its name was changed to "West Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry". In 1960, the present name, "The Lahore chamber of commerce and Industry" was adopted. Today, the chamber stands out as the First ISO-certiifed Chamber of Pakistan.

Convener's Message


It is generally and widely accepted that mediation has a wide range of benefits over litigation in terms of dispute resolution. LCCI Mediation Centre (LCCI DRC) operate as a non-profit making centre under the umbrella of Lahore Chamber Of Commerce And industry.