Press Release

LCCI welcome all foreign direct investment in Pakistan

Pakistan is very important country of the region. Its geographic location and vast resources have made it a heaven for the foreign investors. We are ready to welcome all foreign direct investment in Pakistan in the form of joint ventures. These views were exprseed by the Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Haris Ateeq while addressing a gathering of Foreign Diplomats.

Harris Ateeq specifically mentioned the regional importance of Pakistan and said that regional connectivity is very important for Pakistan's business community.

He mentioned that Lahore is globally famous for its hospitality, rich culture and lively atmosphere that add more attraction for the national and international tourists. The economy of Lahore has a diversified base spanning from manufacturing industry, engineering, pharmaceuticals, steel, chemicals, telecommunication and information technology etc.

Haris Ateeq said that Lahore has prospered in almost all spheres of life. Lahore houses regional offices or head offices of leading national and multi-national companies which are doing well. He said that Lahore, being the hub of Punjab province offers great opportunities to foreign investors. He said that Pakistan is internationally known for its textiles, sports goods, surgical items, carpets and agro-based products like rice, kinnow and mango etc. It is high time that Pakistan should be projected in international market for its Engineering sector.

LCCI Vice President said that Pakistani companies are producing quality goods and have the capacity to export at competitive prices to the markets of Africa and Middle East etc. This is the new thrust of our government and the policies are being aligned.