Press Release

Strengthening Ties between Provincial Ombudsman & LCCI

Media Advisor to the Provincial Ombudsman for Tax, Abdul Basit Khan, visited the Lahore Chamber and held a special meeting with President Kashif Anwar and the members. LCCI President, Kashif Anwar, emphasized the significant role of the Provincial Ombudsman. He noted that the Provincial Ombudsman’s institution addresses citizens' issues related to government departments, and it is essential to have strong ties between the Provincial Ombudsman and the Lahore Chamber. This relationship helps in understanding and resolving the issues of the business community. The Lahore Chamber has established a One Window Smart Services to resolve the members' issues in various institutions. Additionally, the Lahore Chamber has set up the ADRC for Alternative Dispute Resolution to facilitate the quick resolution of business disputes.
LCCI President Kashif Anwar highlighted the importance of interaction between institutions. Improved interaction leads to quicker and easier problem-solving, he said and reffered the recent visit of the Director General of the Environment Protection Department to the LCCI, and mentioned that many recommendations were made, including sealing of industries and consulting LCCI before raids and other actions, which the Director General accepted. This indicates that institutions are ready to cooperate fully with the Lahore Chamber.
LCCI President Kashif Anwar emphasized the importance of awareness sessions, stating that awareness and understanding are the first steps to correcting social issues. He mentioned that the commander of the Anti-Narcotics Force recently visited the Lahore Chamber and discussed detailed measures to prevent drug addiction. He stressed that individuals from all walks of life must play their part in addressing the harms of drug addiction as a national duty. Kashif Anwar also noted that the Lahore Chamber's role is to guide the business community on economic and tax matters. In this regard, the Lahore Chamber has initiated a Tax Clinic every Thursday, which anyone can attend and benefit from.
Discussing the role of the Provincial Tax Ombudsman, Kashif Anwar said that the business community needs more awareness about this institution. Therefore, awareness sessions will be initiated at the Lahore Chamber.
Provincial Ombudsman Advisor for Tax, Abdul Basit Khan, stated that the Provincial Ombudsman works on all issues that have been pending for years. He mentioned that while laws exist, the Provincial Ombudsman ensures their implementation. He added that the Provincial Ombudsman prioritizes resolving issues in schools, universities, overseas Pakistanis, police, health, and all departments within 45 to 90 days.
Abdul Basit Khan expressed his respect for the Lahore Chamber, stating that the Chamber should provide their recommendations to facilitate helping the members. He suggested appointing a focal person at the Lahore Chamber to address members' issues on a priority basis. He emphasized that if there is any issue in any provincial government department, it should be brought to the Provincial Ombudsman.