Trade Inquiries / Tender Notices


We would like to inform you that, It is stated that the undersigned had a meeting with Mr. Mohammad Shadi Kabatilo, CEO, M/s bzuriyek, one of Jordan's oldest company, and requested them to import from Pakistan.
Mr. Kabatilo showed interest in importing from Pakistan once they are provided with the samples of Pakistani Products.
Mr.Kabatilo further stated that they deal in the following products and they can import any of them from Pakistan.

"Duqqa Thyme, Thyme Leaves, Dried Sage, Camomile, Roselle, Melissa,
Herbs & Flowers Tea, Ginger Tea Mix, Happiness Tea, Senna Leaves, Dried
Mint, Green Tea, Green Tea with Flowers, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Black
Lime, Sumac, Caraway, Rice Flour, Powdered Sugar, Flaked Coconut,
Bzuriyeh Soup Chicken Flavour,
Corn Starch, Popcorn, Coarse Bulgur, Fine
Ground Bulgur, Brown Bulgur, Palestine Freekeh Coarse, Palestine Freekeh
Fine, Maftoul, Mung Beans, Red Kidney Beans, White Kidney Beans, Large
WhiteBeans, Football Red Lentil, Red Split Lentil, Small Green Lentil,
Large Green Lentil, Black-eyed Pea, Pea, Bitter Lupin, Sweet Lupin, Fava
Beans Large, Fava Beans Coarse, Fava Beans Small, Chick Peas, Black
Pepper, Black Pepper Powder, White Pepper Powder, Allspice,Allspice
Cloves, Cumin, Cumin Powder, Anise, Anise Powder,
Cardamom,Cardamom Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Fennel Powder, Ginger Powder,
Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder, Sweet Paprika, Onion Powder, Citric Acid,
Garlic Powder, Coriander Powder, Safflower, Curry Powder, Dried Mint,
Nigella Sativa, Oregano, Rosemary, Sumac, Basil, Fenugreek, Nutmeg,
Nutmeg Powder, White Sesame, Salep, Ghee Spices, Mixed Spices, Smoked
Spices, The Seven Spices,
Hot Spices with Mastic, BuriyehSpices, Golden
Spices, Chicken Spices, Fish Spices, Meat Spices, Chicken Shawarma
Spices, Barbecue Spices, Meat Shawarma Spices, Maqluba Spices,
MansafSpices, MahashiSpices,
Bukhari Spices, KabsehSpices, Mandi Spices,
Biryani Spices, Burger Spices, Chinese Spices, Garam Masala Spices,
Pasta Pizza Spices, Fajita Mexican Spices, Potato Spices, Salad Spices,
Freekeh Spices, Cheddar Cheese Spices, Ma`amoulSpices, Falafel Ready
mix, sage, Green Herbal Tea."
Interested members are requested to contact directly to:
PO BOX 1232, AMMAN 11118,
Mobile# 00962 79 690 76 76
WHATSAPP# 0092 335 32 51 311.





1.         Indigenous development plays a vital role in self-reliance and prosperity of a nation/ country. In this regard, Pakistan Navy (PN) has been contributing in indigenization of various national projects by harnessing the potential of the local industry since decades. Presently, PN has embarked upon ambitious programme for indigenous construction of Jinnah Class Frigates in collaboration with reputed foreign yards which will include designing, development, construction, training and tests/ trials including certification of one complete frigate.

2.         Taking benefit from this opportunity, ITD organization is exploring emerging local industries/ firms for development of various equipment, systems, assemblies and parts required to be installed onboard PN platforms. In this regard, prospective industries/ firms are to be engaged for manufacturing/ production i.r.o under mentioned ship construction related areas depending upon their capabilities/ expertise (details enclosed):

a.       Hull Structure

b.       Hull Outfittings

c.       Main Propulsion systems

d.       Auxiliary Systems

e.       Electrical/ Electronic and Control systems

f.        Command Surveillance systems

            g.       Miscellaneous equipment:

                        (1)       Firefighting

                        (2)       Humidity/ temperature control

                        (3)       Cold room storages and cooking galley

                        (4)       Shipboard offices and living areas, etc.  

3.         In view of the above, your esteemed platform/ body is considered pivotal in shortlisting of capable firms from local industry for effective participation in indigenous development programme of a frigate size ship of national level significance. You are therefore, requested to kindly facilitate in identifying adept local industries under your jurisdiction and sharing their production/ manufacturing/ development capabilities, which you consider most suitable for prospective engagement in areas of interest highlighted in Para 2 above. Moreover, all such potentially capable manufacturing firms may also be encouraged to register with this office (Indigenous Technical Development Directorate) for subsequent engagements. A simplified procedure for registration with ITD Dte of Pakistan Navy is also attached for kind information and sharing with local firms, please.

4.         In this regard, frequent conduct of meetings may also be highly fertile for mutual interests. However, a suitable date and time for preliminary stage meetings will be coordinated with your office at any suitable venue through our contact person.

Point of contact for any query or further correspondence is Lieutenant Commander Sohaib Inam PN (Tel No: 021-48508881 & 021-48508883 )



Commander Pakistan Navy

For Director  

Indigenous Technical Development



Tender Notices for Sri Lanka Ports Authority and Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd

Tender Notices for Sri Lanka Ports Authority and Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd received from the Ministry of Ports and Shipping through the Ministry of Foreign Relation, Sri Lanka.

The deadlines for the submission of bid documents are 16th September, 2020 and the tender notices are attached herewith for your consideration.

Interested members of your esteemed Trade Chamber/Organization enabling them to get in touch directly with the Departments at the following: Tender Link

SRI LANKA PORTS AUTHORITY (for Galle Yacht Marina)
TEL           :  00 94-11-2483456
FAX           :  00 94-11-2323055
EMAIL       :
SRI LANKA PORTS AUTHORITY (for Workshop Building Complex)
TEL           :  00 94-11-2320383, 2483585
FAX           :  00 94-11-2323055
EMAIL       :
CEYLON SHIPPING CORPORATION LTD (for Reg of Service Providers)
TEL           :  00 94-11-2436819, 2328772
MOBILE    :  0094-71-5656715
FAX           :  0094-11-2447547
EMAIL       :

if you need any further information and assistance.

Talha Sattar
Assistant Commercial Officer

for Consulate General of the Democratic
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

20/1, 18th St., Kh-e-Shamsheer, Ph-V,
DHA, Karachi
Ph: 009221-35854024
Fax: 009221-35857472


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