Women Entrepreneur

Women are increasingly making their presence felt in business activities. The Chamber has established a separate Standing Committee where women entrepreneurs get an opportunity to meet and discuss matters of relevance. The Department functions as the secretariat for these activities and coordinates with the relevant governmental agencies and departments to facilitate their business activities.

The main objective of this Standing Committee is to develop and encourage the women entrepreneurs in the country. The Standing Committee performs the following function.

  1. Resolve the problems women face while operating their business such as getting loans from the banks, developing contacts with various government departments. It educates the women entrepreneurs about the techniques and strategies of national and international marketing. Moreover the committee formulates proposal for the national budget, aimed at increasing involvement of women entrepreneurs in national economic activities.
  2. Organizes business orientation programs, workshops and lectures for the guidance of old and new women entrepreneurs and enhancing quality consciousness. It also holds business awareness seminars like how to start new business and how to export their products in other countries.
  3. Organizes local exhibitions of the products manufactured by women entrepreneurs. These exhibitions act as  a source of great encouragement for women entrepreneurs and also provide a platform for the introduction and promotion of their products.
  4. Co-ordinates and facilitates trade delegations of women  entrepreneurs (LCCI members) visiting abroad.

Achievements of Women Entrepreneurs

Calendar of S/c on WEDRC’s Achievements from September 2013-May 2014

  1. 3 months negotiations took place between Ms. Aasia Saail Khan, Chairperson S/c on WEDRC and Enclude team which was partner of World Bank for women development project. It was decided by Enclude that Enclude and World Bank team would visit LCCI.

  2. Focused Group discussion between members of S/c on WEDRC, representatives from ENCLUDE and World Bank on 4th December, 2013. The team had a full day session with the women entrepreneurs regarding how to bring women entrepreneurs in the main stream economy. This session was highly appreciated by the women members as it helped them in building a liaison with Enclude and World Bank team.

  3. The World Bank and Enclude team decided after their visit to have LCCI as one of their partners for pilot project on women’s training.

  4. Ms. Aasia Saail Khan specially invited Ms. Rubina Taufiq Shah, Director TDAP to visit LCCI and brief the women entrepreneurs on the said exhibition, trade fairs and delegations. Moreover, the women were encouraged by Ms. Aasia Saail Khan and Ms. Rubina Taufiq Shah to participate in the exhibition.

  5. Mr. Kashif Anwar, Vice President LCCI chaired the standing committee on “Women Entrepreneur Development & Resource Center” dated 27-December, 2013 in which he encouraged the new women entrepreneur to get LCCI membership. He also heard all the problems of women entrepreneurs and assured them of possible solutions.

  6. TDAP organized a WEXNET exhibition which had around 310 stalls of women entrepreneurs. 35 LCCI women entrepreneurs participated in WEXNET exhibition scheduled from 21st-23rd March, 2014. This proved an excellent opportunity for the women members as it helped them in understanding on how to improve their products. Furthermore, four women entrepreneurs won the best exhibitor award from TDAP. Ms. Aasia Saail Khan invited Engr. Sohail Lashari, President LCCI and Mr. Kashif Anwar and Mr. Kashif Anwar, Vice President LCCI not only to visit and encourage the LCCI women member’s stalls but also to encourage women chamber members from all over Pakistan.

  7. Visit of Ms. Ayesha Bux with Australian delegates on Wednesday 26th March, 2014. the delegates were dealing in the following sectors;

  • Education – Education Reform System for schools, universities and colleges. Learning’s, research and analysis;

  • Technology – Consultancy on Project Management, Project Delivery and implementation around various industries

  • Trade: Pakistan / Australia across various industries

  • Investment: Business investments in Pakistan and Australia

  • Health: Plastic Surgery, dentistry and General Medicine

  • Fashion: Textiles

  1. This was a very successful meeting as LCCI members had the chance to meet these delegates and planned to collaborate with each other to work in the said sector. A small display of products of LCCI women entrepreneurs was arranged for the guest and the delegates gave their valuable suggestions to all the women entrepreneurs of improving their products which would help them in competing globally.

  2. Visit of Ms. Ria Doolaard, Dutch expert was invited by TDAP to visit WEXNET exhibition. After seeing the products of Pakistani women entrepreneurs they visited many organizations including LCCI on Thursday 27th March, 2014. A small display of products of LCCI women entrepreneurs was arranged for the guest and she gave her valuable suggestions to all the women entrepreneurs of improving their products which would help them in competing globally.

  3. Regular meeting of the standing committee meeting have been taking place on alternate months to help and facilitate members with their issues.

  4. Ms. Aasia Saail Khan invited Ms. Shabih-e-Zahra, Manager M/s First Women Bank to brief the women entrepreneurs on how to apply for PM's Loan Scheme for Women.

  5. Women entrepreneurs were facing many problems related to business mainly product improvement, advertising, costing of the product and how to make effective business plan. Ms. Aasia Saail Khan has conducted 3 Mentoring with Women Members to give them guidelines on these issues.

  6. Ms. Aasia Saail Khan has given briefing to the women entrepreneurs on how to do effective free advertising on social media. (facebook).

  7. Presentation to African Business Women on Entrepreneurship at Cape Town, South Africa.

  8. Presentation on Capacity Building of Women Members at CIPE Workshop in Colombo.

  9. Compiling Database of LCCI Women Members, Product/Service Wise for future use with government and donor agencies.