Computer & Internet Department

Computer & Internet department LCCI was formed in January 1992 for improvement in our services by effective use of I.T. tools.  The C&I department performs uder the following parameters in general:

Objectives of C&I Department

Help in creation, implementation & maintenance of effective I.T. infrastructure to enhance the productivity of LCCI departments, striving for continuous improvement in quality of its services, for the satisfaction of its members. Provide effective guidance to our valuable members regarding the use of Information Technology, for cost-effective & efficient business automation. Organize I.T. related seminars, workshops, training programmes under I.T. Committee for the benefit of our valuable members. Perform in-house maintenance & enhancement of internal LCCI computer networks, software & data, as well as the Chamber website. Provide I.T. training to the LCCI Staff to improve their proficiency in the use of computers.

Major functions of the C&I Department

Software Development

The department is also responsible for development of customized, integrated set of applications for use in all LCCI departments. Some major software development projects completed include highly scalable applications  like client/server membership system, financial control system & customized multiuser faxing solution for use inside the LCCI departments.

Web Development

The department is also responsible for development of the LCCI website, The LCCI website is maintained by the C&I department.  While other LCCI departments upload daily updated material to the website, the core maintenance operations are conducted by the C&I department.  Major updates to the LCCI website are also performed by our department

Election Arrangements

The department plays a key role in conducting of fair & transparent annual elections at LCCI.  We prepare voters' list of all LCCI members with photograph of each voter, in both electronic form as well as printed form.  Customized software is developed & updated regarding the major steps of LCCI elections.


We assist other departments in sending information to LCCI members through emails, the C&I department alone sends more than 100,000 emails to keep our valuable members about important developments & events happening at LCCI.

Network Management

Thanks to strong commitment of LCCI top management, & continual hardwork of the C&I department, the Chamber is equiped with a comprehensive, mature, multiplatform computer network with more than 100 computers in multiplatform environment.  This complex network, comprised of different subnetworks is managed internally without any external assistance.

 We facilitate our valuable members by providing advice on all their I.T. related problems and suggest technology solutions on software as well as hardware. Further, a ticketing-based request tracking system has been working smoothly where you can ask your questions, suggestions, complaints or just say anything relevent to LCCI. 

Other support functions

The department also strives to efficiently provide any possible help to other departments, regarding the use of I.T.  This includes, but is not limited to, our assistance to other departments/external bodies, conducting multimedia presentations in LCCI Premises, Bulk printing of mailing labels, specially designed envelopes as well as special invitations from the LCCI platform!